Irrigation Sprinkler Repairs or Installation

Irrigation Installation
R.J. Topping Landscaping can design and install different types of irrigation systems to provide adequate watering to gardens, trees, or flowers. Working with you and understanding your needs, we tailor the irrigation system to your vision of the picture perfect lawn.

We will install a sprinkler system that will give you a magnificent landscape without you having to lift a finger. Not only will it save you time but lots of money. When a person waters their lawn manually they aren't just putting water on the lawn but on the street and sidewalks as well. A sprinkler system puts the precise amount of water needed to make your lawn, garden and flowers flourish without watering the street.

Irrigation Repairs
Repairs are sometimes required to mend leaking or damaged pipes, as well as faulty sprinkler components. New England topsoil contains a lot of dry clay, and tree roots can cause damage to irrigation systems. Damage may be also caused by other factors including insects, birds, pets; or by other gardening activities such as excavation. With underground irrigation systems it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact location of a problem. This typically requires specialized equipment.

Recent Projects

Bobcat on-site Construction. Stone Walkway Installation New Lawn Patio Project New soil and lawn. Preparation for new Walkway.

Services Overview

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